EV Drag Racing: EarthTechling Earth Videos

Drag racing: it might be a fun way to get the adrenaline going, but it’s noisy, dirty and polluting…right? Not necessarily. Thanks to innovations in electric vehicle technology, some intrepid auto-tinkerers, and sponsorships from organizations like the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), you can have your high-speed thrills without leaving a huge carbon footprint.

Image via NEDRA

Electric drag racing has taken off in the recent past, and proponents of EVs see racing events as venues to educate the public about the power, reliability and sustainability of electric vehicles. This week we’ve rounded up some pretty epic drag racing videos starring some very formidable electric vehicles, as well as some talks with the builders and drivers of the EVs. Drag racing is not to be confused with other auto races like those featured by NASCAR or Formula One. A drag race is like a sprint, where two vehicles race in a straight line from a complete stop and attempt to cross the finish line first. If you’re interested in other forms of EV racing, check out the EV Cup, as well as another one of our Earth Video installments.

American Muscle Vs. White Zombie

Electric Drag Race Car from the University of Pennsylvania


Electric Car Drag Racing in Hagerstown, MD

DVP – DC Plasma v Predator Electric Drag Racing

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