Energy Star Not Alone In Rating Appliances

Energy Star is the energy efficient appliance certification most people recognize, but there are many more – including, now, two from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

These two third-party verification programs will verify manufacturer energy efficiency and water consumption ratings for clothes washers and dishwashers through random testing conducted by an independent laboratory. The programs are open to AHAM members and nonmembers alike, and, while voluntary, have already garnered commitments from several major appliance manufacturers, including Alliance Laundry Systems, GE Appliances & Lighting, Miele, SamsungElectronics America, Whirlpool and Viking Range.


image via Shutterstock

These programs join AHAM performance and energy efficiency verification programs for refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers and freezers, room air conditioners, dehumidifiers and portable electric room air cleaners, all of which are aimed at assuring buyers that the claims made by manufacturers will be consistent with the actual performance of their appliances.

AHAM is also developing standards to measure the sustainability of appliances in partnership with UL Environment and the Canadian Standards Association.

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