E-waste Management Partnership Developed

With an eye toward streamlining information about recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste, two firms have partnered to develop a label meant to guide consumers to local recycling options. The partnership between Vista, Calif.-based E-World Online and Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Earth911 aims to address manufacturers’ long-standing difficulty satisfying inconsistent state and local recycling regulations. The new partnership allows manufacturers who work with E-World to label products with information from Earth911, which produces an online directory of recycling options.

“The continuity of this new partnership takes a major burden off manufacturers and allows them to keep focus on their core businesses,”  Earth911 President Corey Lambrecht said.


image via Shutterstock

Consumers who purchase a product with the new labels will learn how to access Earth911’s directory to find recycling centers near them. That’s becoming an easier task in places like California, where drop-offs exist within ten miles of 70 percent of the population, but consumers could use the extra nudge.

Other opportunities allowed by the new partnership include auditing recycling partners for compliance with R2 – the EPA’s Responsible Recycling Practices program – and e-stewards certification standards, updates on legislation dealing with recycling rules and monitoring the status of e-waste recycling for manufacturers who are required to meet certain state mandates.

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