Digital Camera Concept Goes Quite Green

Cradle-to-cradle design –which plans for the whole life-cycle of the product — is the future of green electronics, and concept designs like the DURUS Digital Camera from Swedish designer Emi Runquist (which comes to us via Green Diary) help us to envision what that future might look like.

This camera integrates titanium for increased eco-friendliness (and, we imagine, durability) with TPE plastic on the sides, so you won’t have to worry about scratching it.  It’s built around old-school concepts like a manual focus lens and a built in, naturally tanned leather lens cover. However, it also comes with a hatch for memory and battery cards, as well as a modern screen for taking and displaying digital images.

DURUS Digital Camera

image via Emi Runquist

The designer estimates the natural life expectancy of the DURUS at around five years. After that, the camera can easily be disassembled, via its clearly visible screws, and either be recycled for parts or fragmented (a process which involves grinding up the entire device and later extracting valuable metals).

A unique feature of this design is that it is designed to be as green as possible in either scenario, paving the way for realistic solutions to the growing problem of global e-waste.

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