Climate Change Assessed, State By State

Climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions will affect different areas of the country in different ways, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and their new online resource aims to help people get a handle on how how their state might fare.

Based on data from stream-flow gauging stations from the United States Geological  Survey and other sources, NRDC’s new “Climate Change Threatens Health” webpage reveals the projected effects of climate change at a regional and state level, including flooding in the Midwest.

NRDC climate change assessment

image via Shutterstock

In analyzing this data, researchers found that 21 states saw 15 or more days of extreme high water flow between 2000 and 2009, and watersheds in every state experienced days of extreme high flows or multiple days above floodstage during the the last decade.

Climate Change Threatens Health screenshot

image via Natural Resources Defense Council

The Climate Page Threatens Health page shows which states are most vulnerable to this and other threats (such as extreme heat, drought, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and ozone and ragweed pollution) in connection with changing environmental conditions, along with information on what each state is doing to get prepared.

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