California Home Builder Prewires For EVs

Dream of using solar panels to power your zero emissions electric car? City Ventures of California and Nissan are coming together to make that dream a reality for you by prewiring 190 Southern California townhomes for electric vehicle chargers.

This effort – said to be the largest residential, electric vehicle prewiring project in the United States – will give residents of City Ventures’ developments in Signal Hill and Santa Barbara, and later, Alhambra, prewired parking spaces or garages, allowing for the easy installation of a Level 2 (240 volt/40 amp) electric vehicle charging dock, the recommended method for home charging of the Nissan Leaf.

Signal Hill, City Ventures

image via City Ventures

According to a recent release, such infrastructure will be standard at all new City Ventures developments moving forward – which is signficant, considering the company is one of the leading builders of affordable green housing in urban areas in the Golden State.

Herb Gardner, City Ventures’ president of homebuilding, noted that the prewiring of multifamily units for electric vehicle charging fits the company’s focus on the all-electric lifestyle. “By prewiring multifamily units, homeowners now have a simple, low-cost option to charge their all-electric Nissan LEAF at our all-electric home, and can even use the home’s solar panels to power their car. They’ll never have a gasoline or gas utility bill again resulting in a win-win for their pocketbooks and the environment.”

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  • Reply August 9, 2011

    Miguel Miquel

    electric vehicles are no moreu00a0efficientu00a0than petroleum vehicles when all factors and taken into account. also it only relocatesu00a0emissionsu00a0to pollutant sources that are sometimes even worse thanu00a0petroleumu00a0on top of being less efficient. so the statementu00a0emissionsu00a0free is not a true statement more times than not. u00a0the prius has proven to be long term moreu00a0harmfulu00a0and not as efficient as u00a0 pushed to the public. ford focus does better without batteries that have to be replaced and are more expensive and dangerous to the environment. another thing is that automobiles are the red herring on energy use, only 20% of Americau00a0oil consumption is by the automobile andu00a0transportationu00a0industry’s. focusing on the automobile is not where we should be focusing our energies. heating and cooling the edifices we use andu00a0industryu00a0should be; as in making them more efficient but not eliminating them.

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