Army Green Logistics Center Nearly Done

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is nearing completion of building a new, environmental-friendly distribution center for the Defense Logics Agency in Europe.  The 250,000 square-foot distribution center cost $25 million to construct. The building is located in Germersheim, Germany and will support warfighters in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Completion is set for the end of 2012. Among the building’s energy efficient features is a biomass heating system, that will allow the distribution center to generate nearly 100 percent of its heating onsite. It is said to be first such system to be used by the Army in Europe. Solar panels will also line the roof of the new facility to capture sunlight and generate electricity. Eventually, the DLA wants to add enough photovoltaic panels to power all of the electrical needs of the building.

Via U.S. Army

Radiant heat flooring is another feature of the building. A grid of piping has been placed under the concrete floor allowing hot water to be pumped throughout the warehouse. Hot water will heat the facility, keeping workers more comfortable during chilly winter months. The radiant heating will also save on energy expenditure and costs.

In addition, the design of the LDCE provides for copious amounts of natural light through the use of enormous skylights. The natural light allows the facility to consume less electricity and is seen as another bonus in the building compared to the current facilities, which use fluorescents.

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