Air Force Reserve Gets A Green Building

At the Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, the Air Force Reserve Command held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 19 for its newest green building, the Air Reserve Personnel Center. The center was scheduled to begin housing operations at the beginning of this month, and will serve as an administrative center, handling personnel careers, records, promotions and the like, for over 980,000 Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel, and is located about 10 miles east from the original personnel building, which was built in the 1950s.

The Air Reserve Personnel Center is the first large-scale green building in the AFRC, conforming to LEED guidelines. In the future, the AFRC plans to utilize energy-efficiency and sustainable, green technology in all of their building projects, incorporating solar power and hot water, rainwater collection, recycling and recycled materials, and energy efficient appliances.

ARPC moving into new, green facility

Image via US Air Force/Quinn Jacobson

The Personnel Center features a sloped roof of reflective material designed to deflect heat and prevent it from building up, thus reducing the need for heavy air-conditioning. On top of its energy-efficiency and its use of sustainable material, It is also equipped with an energy management control system, which monitors energy use so that costs can be kept down and efficiency and reliability can be kept up. Large, open office space lets in natural light, so that lighting fixture use can be kept to a minimum, and because of its location in a relatively elevated and arid place, the building does not require a permanent irrigation system.

Scott Hastings, the special projects engineer at Robins Air Force Base, said that the AFRC is making strides to “improve current and future infrastructure with high-efficient and sustainable design principles. By integrating energy-related, sustainable design features into new projects, AFRC will maximize the energy performance of each building.”

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