Wind-Power Plant Spotlights Colorado (Again)

Earlier this month it was plans for a new wind-power plant that put Colorado in the news. Now, word that a plant is finished and ready to produce energy is drawing attention to the state.

Nordex USA said it wrapped up work on its largest wind project to date, contributing 60 turbines with a generating capacity of 150 megawatts (MW) to the Cedar Creek 2 plant in Colorado. The project is jointly owned by BP and Sempra Generation. In its own announcement heralding Cedar Creek 2’s dedication, BP pointed out that the plant also includes 63 1.6-MW GE sle wind turbines, giving Cedar Creek 2 a total generating capacity of over 250 MW.

Nordex Wind Turbines

image via Nordex USA

At the plant’s dedication, BP said adding Cedar Creek to earlier wind projects now brings the state’s wind turbine total to 1,000. The company said operation of the plant will create 19 permanent jobs and generate over $1 million annually in taxes and economic benefits – all the while bringing renewable energy to 75,000 homes.

Nordex said it now has completed and ongoing American wind installations totaling 500 MW in several states, including Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Maryland, Iowa and Idaho. It said the mile-high Colorado site, some 20 miles north of New Raymer, was especially challenging, requiring special adaptation to the turbines to increase their heat exchange capacity.

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