Wind Farm Planned For Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta of Vietnam is known as the nation’s rice basket and as a huge source of seafood. But it offers another resource, too: wind. So far it has been untapped, but GE aims to change that, announcing plans to take advantage of the region’s “huge potential in wind energy” with a 10-turbine, 16-megawatt (MW) capacity project.

GE said it will work with Cong Ly Company to provide wind turbines for phase I of the Bac Lieu Wind Farm. Cong Ly has plans for a second, much bigger phase that would jack wind-power generating capacity up to 120 MW. This is desperately needed power, GE said, in a country plagued by chronic electricity shortages.

image via Shutterstock

The GE wind turbines chosen for the project have an 82.5 meter rotor, a good match for the Bac Lieu site, GE said. “The 1.6-82.5 builds on the success and the global experience of GE’s 1.5-megawatt wind turbine, the industry’s most widely deployed megawatt-class machine with more than 16,000 installed worldwide,” GE said.

GE has had a vested interest in Vietnam since the 1960s and currently supplies around 18 percent of the country’s power generation capacity. GE recently established a manufacturing plant that creates wind turbine components near the seaport of Hai Phong – just the kind of thing Vietnam is looking for more of. To Hoai Dan, chairman of Cong Ly Company, said he hopes that “this first large-scale wind farm project will help to attract more investments into the Bac Lieu province in the future.”

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