Tennessee Green Job Investment Pays Off

The state of Tennessee hasn’t been shy about investing state dollars in attracting and growing green jobs.  And the $5.5 billion projected to be invested through 2014 in the Volunteer State’s economy looks like it’s having the desired effect, according to two reports out of Nashville recently.

In 2011, according to a Middle Tennessee State University study, the number of direct green construction jobs generated by Tennessee’s investments was 5,674. In addition, 1,767 indirect green jobs were created, along with another 1,928 induced jobs. This translated into a total economic impact of more than 9,300 jobs across Tennessee.

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At the operation stage, full employment in the companies studied and invested in is expected to generate 4,572 direct jobs by 2014. Additionally, another 7,073 indirect jobs and 4,914 induced jobs will be created. The total number of permanent jobs at the operation stage will exceed 16,500, of which 10,143 will be green jobs.

The second study, Tennessee’s Green Jobs Report, includes a survey of more than 6,000 employers in Tennessee identifying 43,800 green jobs in Tennessee in 2010. In addition to the employees working in those jobs, employers identified 3,645 additional vacancies for 2011 for green jobs in the state.  Most of these job openings were in energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, and recycling and waste reduction areas. Green manufacturing and green construction also had significant numbers of openings.

“Every job created contributes to a recovering economy,” said Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Karla Davis. “Labor market information like this gives educational institutions and jobseekers guidance on workforce demands and the training it takes to get a job in this growing industry.”

So, if you live in Tennessee or plan to relocate there, current green jobs openings can be viewed at the state’s website.    If we’ve whetted your appetite about Tennessee’s success, you can download the Green Jobs Survey or read the university’s full report.

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