Sand Yacht Sails On Land With Wind Power

A Russian designer has posted his idea of a green vehicle that runs on wind power. The single-seat concept, dubbed the Sand Yacht, is meant to be a sort of land-racer that’s propelled by big gusts of wind, like those that might be found in desert or arctic regions of the globe.

Aerodynamically designed and with a lightweight frame, Ivan Lipkov’s Sand Yacht is reminiscent of another concept design we covered recently – the Køre – from a student in Cincinnati.  But the Sand Yacht looks to be more about off-road adventuring than futuristic commuting.

Sand Yacht, Concept Vehicle, Wind Power

image via Ivan Lipkov

Ujnder 15 feet tall, the concept vehicle doesn’t appear to leave room for any battery or powertrain system, suggesting it would be used for recreation only. The sail unfolds like that of the wing of a giant bird, as seen in the image above, and back again for easy storage.

In one of the images the St. Petersburg designer posted, he appears to have worked in a Red Bull sponsorship, perhaps hoping that someday wind racing will become as popular as, say, the electric motorcycle events we cover here at EarthTechling.

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