Nissan Leaf 2012 Model Details Mentioned

Automobile manufacturer Nissan has announced some upgrades to its 2012 Leaf model, and is expanding the states where consumers will be able to purchase the electric car.

We recently reported that the automaker had delivered its 4,000th Leaf only a few weeks ago, and noted the car company would be continuing its test-drive tour across the country. According to the release, consumers with existing reservations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Virginian, and Washington D.C. will be able to choose the 2012 model at the end of July.

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image via Nissan

The two biggest upgrades to the 2012 Leaf include being compatible with Level 3, DC charging stations, which can refuel most standard lithium-ion batteries in modern vehicles to 80% in around 30 minutes, and some cold weather features, including a heated steering wheel and seats, but the most important of which is a battery heater.

Currently, the Leaf is available only in the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, and in August, consumers in those states will be able to order the upgraded electric vehicle, which is expected to delivered in the fall of this year. The base price for the new model is $35,200, with a lease option of $369 per month.

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