Lithium Titanate Batteries Face Testing

By Lee van der Voo, Sustainable Business Oregon

A Portland-based battery developer is rolling out a new technology and letting power customers kick the tires. EnerSol Energy Systems Solutions’ push to find early adapters to put lithium titanate batteries to the test is part of an increased focus on grid storage and electric vehicles.

The three-man company focuses on consulting and product development in batteries and energy systems for electric vehicles, grid storage, and portable devices. It posts annual revenues of less than $500,000 and has partnerships among battery suppliers and manufacturers worldwide.


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Now reaching out to energy companies, utilities, hospitals, cellular phone companies, IT server rooms and fire stations, EnerSol is looking for partners interested in developing and testing lithium titanate batteries as a back-up power supply for use in large scale energy storage applications or for use in semi trucks and other larger, commercial scale vehicles that can accommodate its size.

The company has a particular interest in testing the technology as a backup to renewable energy generators like wind and solar farms. Batteries can store excess power while generation is high and demand low. They can also help mitigate the stress of mass consumer power use during peak hours and give operators greater flexibility in power sales.

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