Hybrids Quietly Drive Into World Record

By Dan O’Halloran, Tecca

Over two hundred hybrid cars took a 20 minute drive around Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday to break the existing world record set in Belgium in 2010. Hoping for 500 cars, the event drew 208 which allowed it to shatter the previous record of 140. What record are we speaking of? Longest hybrid-vehicle parade, of course.

Toyota Prius Plus, Plug-In Hybrid

image via Toyota

Most of the cars went slow enough to stay on battery power allowing the organizers to dub the event “the quietest parade ever.” The procession was mostly comprised of the popular Prius hybrid car which can solely run on electric power up to 35 mph.

The 2.1 mile loop was long enough to set the new record and only consume a total of 4 gallons of gas total from all participants many of whom were in town for the Green Drive Expo that weekend.

[Via: AutoBlog Green(Source)

Editor’s Note: This cross post comes to us courtesy of our friends over at Tecca. Author credit goes to Dan O’Halloran.

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