Green Jobs Plan In Tulsa Has Oil Bedfellow

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s J.W. Vann Industrial Park is getting a green makeover fueled by local government incentives and hope. It may not be as eco, however, as everyone would hope for.

The Vann Industrial Park is a large and ambitious industrial park that unfortunately has remained mostly empty, according to Tulsa World. The land was originally purchased partially with federal funds and has been run by a non-profit board since its inception. After failing to secure additional federal funding for improving the park, the GreenPark Tulsa idea seems to have been born.

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A portion of J.W. Vann Industrial set aside for this project hopes to attract 2,000+ green technology jobs by enticing businesses focused on education, research, services, and manufacturing in cleantech. Ion Solar and Green Property Funds have been hired to develop facility plans that are reportedly both cost effective and reduce overall environmental impact. Plans for making it “green” aside from attracting related companies seem ambitious, including use of shared geothermal HVAC and incorporating alternative/distributive energy generation and use technologies (e.g. medium capacity wind turbines; limited photovoltaics; shared solar hot water generation, etc.).

Interestingly Taylor Industries, a manufacturer of oil and natural gas rigging equipment, made news earlier this year with word of 98 new manufacturing jobs, apparently at its portion of the J.W. Vann Industrial Park as part of the Oklahoma Quality Jobs program. This doesn’t exactly fit with the green image some are trying to paint for this industrial park, but in an economy such as ours at the moment, perhaps it really doesn’t matter in Tulsa at the moment either.

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