Fedex Busy Greening Its Large Fleet

Fedex, which earlier this year committed to the greening of its massive fleet of delivery trucks as a partner in the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Clean Fleets Partnership, looks to be holding true to its word. The worldwide delivery company recently announced the addition of more than 4,000 new, fuel efficient vehicles to drop off your boxes.

Now, to be clear, the company hasn’t gone out and purchased 4,000 new hybrid and/or electric trucks for its delivery fleet. More specifically, Fedex said it was not only adding 24 new electric vehicles to its ranks, but also “adding more hybrid-electrics, using composite vehicles and upgrading over a tenth of its conventional vehicle fleet to more energy-efficient vehicles.”

FedEx Electric Truck

image via FedEx

These electric vehicles, which effectively doubles its current number of this type of green vehicle, are coming to New York City, Chicago and Memphis, and diversifying its existing Los Angeles fleet.  In all, FedEx will add into service 15 Navistar eStar electric vehicles, two Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) eCell electric vehicles and two FCCC electric vehicle retrofits, and five Ford Transit Connect Electric vans to complement the current 19 all-electric vehicles deployed in Los Angeles, London and Paris.

On high-mileage routes, FedEx noted, it is upgrading vehicles with 4,000 fuel efficient, lower emitting BlueTEC clean diesel Sprinter Vans.  Each Sprinter is reportedly at least 100% more fuel efficient than the most commonly found alternative it replaces.

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