Exotic Green Cars: A Photo Gallery

If you think green cars like electric and hybrid vehicles are doomed to be dowdy, think again. The business of creating sleek, sporty and environmentally-conscious vehicles is growing, and while some of them may be a bit out of your price range, it’s not too far-fetched to think that someday, you might be able to buy a stylish green car to call your own.


Image via Eterks Auto

Companies like England’s Lotus and Ecotricity, Turkey’s Eterks Auto, Sweden’s Koenigsegg, Japan’s Nissan and the US’s Fisker Automotive have, over the past several years, unveiled sports cars and racing vehicles that run on alternative fuels, proving that being green can be just as fierce, if not more so, than being gas-powered. Here at EarthTechling, we’ve compiled some of the more exotic electric and hybrid vehicles (and one biofuel) for your viewing pleasure. Check them out, with links to more details, via the photo gallery below.

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