Energy Backpack Produces Juice Two Ways

Hey, is that a zero emissions generator on your back? If you happened to be sporting the Scaraby Energy Backpack, your answer might be “yes.” This unique concept design by Benjamin Beck of Berlin, styled after the scarab beetle, works with both solar and kinetic energy to supply juice for your expedition, off the grid.

This generator was designed to fold out, revealing its solar panels. On a sunny day, that burning orb in the sky does all the work, recharging the Scaraby’s internal battery. When the clouds gather and skies are gray, however, fear not – simply pull out the handles attached to the Scaraby’s kinetic energy belt, then strap on the backpack and work that belt back and forth. Before you know it, you’ll be juiced up and ready to go.

Scaraby Energy Backpack solar charger

image via Benjamin Beck

A unique off grid charger feature: the Scaraby makes use of actual three prong sockets, just like the ones at home. This means you can plug pretty much anything into this device, rather than just a mobile phone or laptop.

The backpack’s compact and efficient housing ensures that working parts won’t be affected by the bumps, scratches and splashes in the great outdoors; Beck sees this device as ideal for any type of expedition that can’t be carried out without the use of electronic equipment.

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    excellent concept, but will it ever go to market?? its good to see more developers are investing in renewable energy.nbuddy tnowner of – kinetic energyn

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