EarthTeching Earth Videos: EV Racing

Electric vehicle racing is a fun and appealing way to spread awareness of electric vehicles as a viable alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles, and racing events double as ways to showcase advances in electric vehicle technology. The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), a chapter of the Electric Auto Association, holds traditional drag races with electric vehicles, and features electric vehicles achieving speeds up to 186 mph in about 7 seconds. EV CUP, the world’s first green racing series founded in 2009, features three classifications of cars during their race meets–city, sport, and prototype.

Car Racing

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If you’re savvy with cars, or want to learn about the ins and outs of electric vehicles and the conversion of gas vehicles into electric, check out the DIY Electric Car Forums, but please, leave the racing and the more dangerous stuff to the professionals. And now, for your enjoyment, a series of electric vehicle racing videos as part of our EarthTechling Earth Videos series.

strong>KillaCycle New Record 7.86 @ 169 mph Bandimere Speedway NEDRA event

Electric Drag Racing: White Zombie

Electric Car Racing EV CUP With Paul Drayson

Electric Car vs Ferrari

Cupcake Cars Muffin Cars Burning Man 2010

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