DIY Wind Turbines: EarthTechling Earth Videos

Last week we took a look at some DIY clean energy projects, and this week…we’re looking at more! We knew you couldn’t get enough. This week we’ll be focusing exclusively on homemade wind turbines. While they might seem complex, many people have been able to construct some pretty impressive turbines out of fairly commonplace, household items, including bicycle wheels and soda bottles. Other turbines were made from salvaged and reclaimed materials, making them sustainable in form as well as function.

Wind Turbine

image via Shutterstock

As always, some of the materials and tools used in these videos can be dangerous if not handled properly. If building a turbine sounds like something you feel confident doing, make sure you take all the proper safety precautions. If dealing with power tools and electrical equipment isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy these homemade turbines in their simplicity and ingenuity while leaving the building process to the professionals. We encourage you as well to visit the user pages of those behind these videos to leave them feedback and watch other interesting things they’ve posted.

DIY Wind Turbine Blade DC 180 Volt Electric Generator HAWT Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine by GreenPowerScience

DIY Wind Turbine – WindBlue DC-540 by glennjobson

Maker Workshop – Wind Power Generator on MAKE: television by makemagazine

My 2 liter wind turbine (27 bottles) by supergokue1

Home-Built Wind Turbine Assembly and Setup by omegageek64

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