Crafty Solar Lantern Also A Earring Holder

It wasn’t so long ago we brought you the Eco Lantern concept, which integrates a solar lantern with a planter. Now we bring you yet another odd conjunction of solar lantern + randomness in the solar powered LED earring holder (which comes to us via Green Diary).

Described as a “Gothic clover earring holder/luminary” by its creator, GossamerScapes of Maine, this appears to be primarily an accessory for the lady’s boudoir or bathroom. But station it near a sunny window and not only will it light up after dark — providing a sort of night-light, we imagine, for dinner party guests in search of the loo — it can double as a romantic, old-fashioned lantern.

solar powered LED earring holder

image via GossamerScapes

This device is charged via a small, top-mounted solar cell and comes with an on/off switch, so it won’t keep you up at night. It can accommodate several pairs of earrings on each side, measures 10 inches tall with the handle up, and comes in “rich chocolate brown” or gold.

GossamerScapes sees this lantern as just the thing for weddings and special occasions, (though we imagine mainly as a solar lantern, rather than an earring holder). It’s available through Etsy for $55.00.

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