Clean Energy Wanted By More Consumers

Vestas Wind has announced two studies to move corporations and consumers towards increased renewable energy use. The Global Consumer Wind Study 2011 and the Corporate Renewable Energy Index (CREX) 2011 shows actual consumer demand and which corporations are addressing these needs.

The Global Consumer Wind Study is the largest of its kind where 31,000 consumers in 26 different countries were asked about their renewable energy needs. The studies show that around 90 percent of consumers want more renewable energy and 65 percent wish to purchase from brands that use wind energy. A related study, the CREX, shows consumers which brands are in fact utilizing renewable energy. In the largest study of its kind, around 1,000 largest listed companies by market capitalization have been surveyed with 176 respondents. Currently Whole Foods Market is the leader in renewable energy use.

Wind Turbines

image via Shutterstock

According to Morten Albaek, Senior Vice President for Group Marketing & Customer Insight at Vestas, “The Global Consumer Wind Study and the Corporate Renewable Energy Index study complement each other. The first one from a consumer demand perspective, the latter details corporate energy usage…transparency in renewable energy will not only be good for society and future generations, it also will be good for business.”

These two studies are the largest of their kind and will hopefully allow the use of more renewable energy by both consumers and corporations.

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