Canadian Rooftop Solar Record To Be Broken

Kitchener’s record doesn’t look like it’s going to last very long. The Ontario city recently unveiled what it called Canada’s largest rooftop solar system, but now a planned installation in Windsor, Ontario, is set to make Kitchener’s 600-kilowatt capacity setup appear rather puny.

Solar & Alternative Technology Corporation (SAT), Soventix Canada and the Hiram Walker & Sons distillery said Canada’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system will go up under the Ontario feed-in tariff program. The installation will have a capacity of 7.9 megwatts (MW) of energy, enough to power 3,000 homes and offset 9,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Wiser's Facility

image via Paul Higginbottom at Flickr

SAT and Soventix have entered a 20-year lease agreement with Hiram Wallker – a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard – to rent the roof surfaces at their Pike Creek warehouse location. The plant will span roughly 24 football fields and will put Hiram Walker on the map as a green leader in the beverage alcohol production industry, the companies said. Revenue generated from the lease agreement will be put towards a new boiler, which will further reduce the distillery’s energy consumption by 20 percent.

According to SAT, the construction phase of this project should last roughly a year and create around 30 installation jobs. Aside from the distillery, SAT has made other agreements with Soventix to purchase roughly 41.5 MW of Ontario made panels within the next three years and is working with real estate companies for potential rooftop leases.

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