Wind-Up Eco-Player Design A Phone Too

Here’s an interesting design concept for an eco-friendly phone that appears to integrate some clever ideas, though we have to say that some of the other design points have us scratching our heads.

The Eco-Player, a phone and multi-media player conceived by designer Haidin Farmin Rashid Mohammad, features a wind-up turbine crank tucked into the top edge of the phone. The turbine promises to provide instant power for the phone without regard to weather conditions. The phone comes with what the designer refers to as an ergonomic shape that allows the phone to sit comfortably in the user’s hand, although it would appear that the shape of the back of the phone is dictated by the wind-up turbine’s presence.

image via Coroflot

Other than its uncommon shape, the phone appears to be similar to other modern smart-phones, with a large, edge-to-edge touch screen gracing its front face. What we’re not so sure about, however, is the location of the phone’s camera lens. As conceived, the lens would be situated on the bottom of the phone, requiring the user to hold the phone at a rather odd angle when trying to take pictures or video. Details on where the camera controls might be placed are not provided.

While some of the phone’s features are a little curious, we do like the idea behind a hand cranked phone. Of course, to be practical, all of the cranking would need to yield some substantial power if it is to be useful.

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