Wind Power Comes To Notre Dame Campus

Aside from offering an excellent education and sports teams, Notre Dame is now one of a growing number of colleges to install wind turbines on campus. This comes as no surprise as Notre Dame has made several initiatives to install renewable energy like the solar arrays on the rooftop of Stinson-Remick Hall in summer 2010 and the planned solar arrays on the top of the Fitzpatrick-Cushing Hall of Engineering.

The turbine offer a unique horizontal axis design as well as a small size. It will plug directly into the college electrical grid and provide around 4 kW of power. While this is not a large amount, the turbine is mainly for educational purposes. Anthony Serriano, coordinator for the College of Science Committee on Sustainability (COSCOS), states that, “the data that we collect from the campus turbine may help people in the community decide whether wind is an option for them.”

Image via Notre Dame University

Aside from COSCOS, the Institute for Flow Physics and Control is also planning to install two horizontal axis turbines. With both designs at Notre Dame, researchers can compare the performances of both and decide which one would be feasible for further research and funding.

This clean energy outing sponsored by the North Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), and the wind turbine project is just the first step in “position[ing] the University and NIPSCO as innovators in the field of renewable energy, educators in the conservation effort and leaders in the realm of sustainability.” COSCOS began in 2009 and besides NIPSCO is funded by the College of Science and donations from alumni John O’Connor.


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    Notre Dame is not the first campus to intall wind turbines.u00a0 This author needs to do her homework.nnThat is an outlandish statement that should be retracted.

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      Indeed. We updated it. Thanks for pointing that out.

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