Volvo C30 Electric Gets Rollout Orders

Folks awaiting word of when Volvo would begin production of its upcoming C30 Electric need not wait any longer, as the automaker recently announced the vehicle has left “the product development stage” and is now being built for actual real scenario deployment. Plans right now are for initial deliveries to occur immediately after summer of this year.

Volvo said it is now building the C30 Electric on the regular assembly line at its Ghent factory before transferring the vehicles to Göteborg for installation of the motor, batteries and other model-specific electronics. Right now plans call for the electric car to be delivered to leasing customers, which consists mainly of companies, authorities and governmental bodies throughout Europe, including in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway.

image via Volvo

About 250 cars will be built by end of 2012, said Volvo, with more possibly planned if market interest takes off. 50 C30 Electrics are already built, having been part of a test fleet in use since last fall.

Volvo noted that the C30 Electric’s batteries are installed “where the fuel tank normally sits and also in a special compartment in the car’s central tunnel.” This effectively leaves the luggage area unchanged. The vehicle, like other electric cars, can be recharged via a regular household power outlet. Estimated full charge time for the Volvo EV is said to be around seven hours.

As far as performance specifications go, the C30 Electric is currently projected to have driving range of around 93 miles. Top speed is set at 80 MPH.

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