Vampire Power Staked By Concept Idea

A new graduate project from Yigitcan Sükrü Akkas looks to solve the problem that many modern electronic products have, namely the issue of what many call vampire power. Also called standby power, appliances like televisions, clocks, computers, and several others use a small amount of energy when not in use, but that small amount adds up over time and the number of devices plugged-in.

According to a report by The Economist in 2006, some studying suggest standby power accounts for approximately 10% of all home energy use. To combat power being wasted, Akkas has designed the COZ-e, a surge protector that doubles as an electricity shut-off valve, something consumers may want as smart meters roll out across the globe.

image via Coroflot/Yigitcan Sükrü Akkas

As you can see in the images above, the COZ-e has three outlets, but can be plugged into others to allow for several plugs. Instead of having to unplug devices, the COZ-e recognizes when a device is turned on, indicating power is flowing with a small green light. When a device is shut-down, the concept socket automatically cuts electricity after 30 seconds.

Even if Akkas’s product design doesn’t catch on, hopefully the idea will, as it could be integrated into existing surge protectors, potentially easing stress on the smart grid. One advantage of the COZ-e is that individual devices can be shut-off if plugged into different outlets, however, if used together, the system works as a single unit, meaning all or no products would be cut-off from power. Still, a great concept we hope to see more designers consider.

Aaron Colter is a freelance writer and marketing consultant in Portland, Oregon. A graduate of Purdue University, he has worked for the NCAA, Dark Horse Comics, Willamette Week, AOL, The Huffington Post, Top Shelf Productions, DigitalTrends, theMIX agency, SuicideGirls, EarthTechling, d'Errico Studios and others. He is also the co-founder of, a free record label, recording studio, and distribution service for independent musicians.

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