USB Stealth Charger Sneaks AC Power

When we reference vampire power or devices that otherwise leach electricity, it is generally in a negative context. This device, however,  sucks power in a good way.

For anyone who routinely finds themselves with a phone that is just about go dark at a coffee shop or airport where every single power outlet is already commandeered by steely-eyed telecommuters and their laptop charging cables, the FlipIt! USB stealth charger, which we found courtesy of our friends at Thinkgeek,  could come in quite handy.

image via ThinkGeek

At 2.35 x 1.30 x 0.67 inches, the FlipIt! is similar in size to the average thumb drive. By flipping out the power tab and inserting it between an AC cord and a power outlet, the user can leach just enough power off the line to charge a cell phone or any other USB chargeable device.

The FlipIt!’s power tab can rotate up to 270 degrees, thus allowing it to stealthily sneak in to just about any awkward situation. The device could come in handy for any weary traveler who find themselves heavy on electronics gear and short on AC outlets. At $13.99, the FlipIt! seems like a pretty smart bargain, as well as a nice green charger option for sharing the power line with other power hungry options.

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