Unobtrusive Wind Turbine Idea A Good One

Want wind power at home, but worried about that old Home Owner’s Association? Designer Tim Tocci of Boston wants to bring (wind) power to the people with his Subterfuge Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT), specifically built for stealth.

Constructed largely of lightweight, painted aluminum, the Subterfuge is mounted on a steel base. The device turns when the wind blows, cushioned by Derlin ball bearings; staggered magnets extend the magnetic field dispersion caused by the spinning of the device, and copper armature coils conduct current from the moving magnetic field.

Subterfuge VAWT

image via Tim Tocci/Coroflot

The whole thing was built to be light, unobtrusive, and nearly soundless–posing less of a nuisance to your neighbors, in all likelihood, than your average air window-mounted conditioning unit. Though it is a concept, retail pricing of this model, according to the designer, was envisioned at around $1,000 per unit. There was no mention as to how much power generation potential this unit might have, however, so it is also hard to say if this price would be accurate if it were actually on the market.

The Subterfuge turbine was designed over the course of Tocci’s Graduate Industrial Design Studio II course at Savannah College of Art and Design. The project was one of five team solutions for R Campbell’s Twisted Logic thesis.

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    The idea is good but the power output is gonna be seriously limited.

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