Samsung Phone Earns Top Eco Certification

Almost anyone who has purchased a device or appliance that plugs into an electrical outlet has seen the UL logo. The presence of this ubiquitous logo, which stands for Underwriters Laboratory, means that the product it is attached to has been tested and certified by UL and deemed to be safe for use. That same organization, through its UL Environment division, has now instituted a new set of standards that are centered around sustainability in the mobile phone market and the word is that Samsung gets the honors of earning the first of the new UL certifications.

As described in a recent announcement, the new set of testing standards and certifications aim to evaluate mobile phones by measuring “environmentally sensitive materials, energy management, manufacturing and operations, impact to health and environment, product performance, packaging, and product stewardship.” The new standards, dubbed UL ISR 110, are reportedly the first of their type.

Replenish Phone

image via Sprint

We covered the story when UL first eluded to the development of the new mobile phone sustainability standards in August of last year and Sprint also referenced them earlier this year at CES when it announced it was participating in a UL pilot program that sought applicants and their wares for testing and certification. We now learn that the Samsung Replenish has achieved “Platinum Certification”, indicating that the eco-friendly phone pretty much aced UL’s exam.

According to UL Environment, only products that  demonstrate exceptional performance are recognized with the highest tier of achievement. The Samsung Replenish apparently gets it all right. The phone’s casing is made from 34.6% post-consumer recycled plastic content and the device as a whole is made from 82% recyclable materials. Packaging for the phone is fully recyclable and incorporates 80% post-consumer waste material printed with soy-based inks. A solar charging battery cover is also available as an add-on accessory for about $30.00.

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