Offshore Wind Development, Teenager Style

The University of Maine DeepCwind Consortium recently sponsored the very first Windstorm Challenge. The consortium invited middle school and high school children from across Maine to participate in designing offshore wind turbines as well as creating a business plan and sales pitch for their design.

The event was held at the University of Maine’s Wallace Pool and Field House on May 13, 2011 in conjunction with Maine Wind Blade Challenge. Small scale wind turbine models were created and then set up in the pool to review the data from platform tests. Not only were the technical designs reviewed for feasibility but aesthetics  and quality of sales pitch.

Image via DeepCwind

The top team “Ace of Spades” from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics received an internship worth up to $20,000. To receive the reward, students must enroll in the University of Maine and work at the AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center. The second place team, Floating Ducks of Mt. Blue High School, received an iPod shuffle. All participants received a one-year subscription to “Popular Science” magazine.

DeepCwind was created to establish Maine as a leader in deepwater offshore wind turbines. The consortium’s goal is to find the brightest minds and leaders for future development ideas of offshore wind farms. More images on the models, winners and participants can be found on the DeepCwind website.

5th PlaceWind 2Westbrook High School
4th PlaceWyld StallynsMaine School of Science and Mathematics
3rd PlaceTeam SyracuseLake Region High School
2nd PlaceFloating DucksMt. Blue High School

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