More Wind Turbines Added To Home Depot Retail

Just over a month ago we learned that Home Depot expanded its clean energy offerings as it began to carry a small home wind turbine made by Flagstaff, Arizona-based Southwest Windpower. Response to the small turbine must have been pretty good since it now appears that Home Depot will be adding yet another wind turbine option to at least some of  its store shelves.

According to a recent announcement from Southwest Windpower, select Home Depot stores will soon be stocking its Skystream 3.7 residential wind turbine.

Image via Southwest Windpower

Designed to work with grid-connected homes, the Skystream 3.7 is said to be capable of generating up to 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month in winds that average about 12 mph. The turbine’s  ultimate price will vary depending on location of the installation. The company also points out that federal tax credits and potentially available state incentives will offset some of the cost.

Southwest Windpower says it chose select Home Depot stores in areas which it identified as “ideal wind resource” locations in the states of Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and California. The company also expressed its intent to expand the installation program out to more Home Depot stores in the future. A full listing of the Home Depot stores currently offering the installation deal is available here.

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