Moooving To Solar, Says A California Dairy

A dairy farm California can now be added to the growing list of agricultural businesses that are turning to renewable energy to control operations costs. According to a recent statement, the Lakeside Dairy in Hanford recently installed an 891 kilowatt solar system on its premises that is expected to generate about 75% of the energy it needs.

The system was designed and installed for the dairy by SPG Solar and involves 3,240 solar panels spanning four acres on the property. The system is expected to generate about 1.7 megawatt hours of electricity annually.

image via SPG solar

The dairy’s owner, Mike Monteiro, indicated the recent volatility in milk prices urged him to consider the businesses input costs. “The solar energy system will help us fix our energy costs and hedge against long term increases in utility power rates,” said Monteiro.

The newly installed solar power system generates enough energy to run  Lakeside’s entire dairy operation, including an 11,000 square foot milking barn, corral lighting and fans, manure separator equipment, and well and irrigation equipment.

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