Mini E Field Test Results = Happy Drivers

BMW and the University of California, Davis have released a report that highlights the results of a Mini E field test that began in the summer of 2009 and concluded one year later. We first noted the program almost two years ago, and followed up with news of a similar project in England last fall.

For the United States study, 120 families in New York, New Jersey and California drove a combined 1 million miles, and the majority had positive experiences according to the university. 95% of the respondents drove less than 80 miles a day, making the Mini E’s 100 mile range practical, and nearly all found at-home charging easy. And good news for manufacturers, 71% of drivers said they are now more likely to purchase an electric car in the next five years because of the trial.

Mini E

image via Mini USA

Although the released release study was conducted with BMW’s Mini E, the automaker seems to be more concerned with promoting its upcoming ActiveE, which we noted will be available to lease in select cities later this year.

With programs like The EV Project continuing through this year, along with vehicles like the Nissan LeafChevy Volt, Tesla Model S, and Mitsubishi i-MiEV increasing production, it’s beginning to look like 2012, at least for some regions, will be the year a significant amount of electric cars and related infrastructure can be measured.

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