Is This The Ultimate Green LED Light Bulb?

With big names like Phillips and Osram Sylvania rolling out LED bulbs offering outputs equivalent to those soon-to-be-obsolete incandescents, why consider a bulb from a less familiar name? In a single term: cradle-to-cradle-inspired design.

A new 100-watt equivalent LED bulb from Switch claims to couple incandescent light quality and performance with the energy savings of an LED. The bulb itself resembles an incandescent, but features a cluster of LED lights that face outward, solving the problem of uni-directionality in older LED bulbs. Most importantly, according to Switch, the entire bulb is reusable and reclaimable – to do so, however, it looks like you have to ship the bulb back to the company when done with it.

Switch 100-watt LED

image via Switch

Greengadgeting reports that the bulb is filled with a non-toxic liquid that flows towards the surface when heated. This helps to keep the lights cool while getting the maximum lumens out of a bulb with a minimum number of LEDs.

No detailed word on price yet, but the Switch 100-watt equivalent LED bulb is expected to pay for itself in around a year, via savings on energy bills.


  • Reply June 6, 2011

    Maxie Coale

    This is cool but my question, does anyone know whether the parts are made from non-toxic materials? The liquid is non-toxic, but what about the others?

  • Reply June 8, 2011

    Missy M

    I have seen these in action. It’s amazing how bright they actually are.

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