iLand Solar Power Station A Camper’s Friend

For the outdoor enthusiast, a wide array of solar power kits have come available that enable hikers and campers to charge and power various small devices while in totally off-the-grid locations. As cool as some of these kits are, most of them are intended for devices that aren’t totally necessary for off-grid camping. While there are super-sized portable power plants, like the Solar Pod, which provide enough power to run a small refrigerator for up to 18 hours, little has existed for the for the hard-core outdoors person who probably has no intention of lugging a fridge or TV out to the wilderness.

Enter the iLand Everwhere portable power device. It’s a Swiss-made solar power system that seems to have been designed for practical use in the deep wilderness.

image via i-land

The iLand device packs a roll-able, 16 watt solar panel and a clever stand structure (made with the same sort of graphite poles that help erect a tent) inside a fully waterproof tube. Attached to the other end of the tube is a removable battery pack/power station. The power station offers two USB ports, a 12v car socket and eight ports for custom made LED lights (four of which are provided in the kit) intended to illuminate an entire campsite. iLand also offers water filtration devices and a host of other accessories oriented around outdoor use. The device is rated to deliver 200 watt-hours of power.

iLand says its device is totally eco-friendly, containing no chemicals or other agents that are harmful to the environment. At 22 pounds and a little over 3 feet long, the device should be easy enough to sling over a shoulder or pack for longer distances. At about $1800.00, though, the iLand stands to set you back a few, though it stands to save its user quite a few batteries and battery-operated devices over its lifetime.

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