Home Energy Monitor Design Quite Advanced

Energy monitoring devices seem to be picking up interest amongst the public. Perhaps this is due to the recent emergence of more advanced and practical products like the UFO Power Center, which allows its user to monitor and control up to four connected devices using an iPhone or iPad app. But devices like the UFO are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home energy management concepts.

Check out Andrew Sedlak’s “Cerberus”, for example. As conceived, the Cerberus provides a simple yet comprehensive interface for total home energy management and bundles it up in a slick looking 8.5 x 6 3/4 inch touchscreen command center.

image via Andrew Sedlak

In the project’s portfolio, Sedlak explains that the Cerberus would facilitate control of every device in the home and room-to-room management of things like climate control and light settings. The Cerberus would also provide detailed feedback on energy consumption and allow the user to view progress toward achieving pre-set consumption goals. Alerts can even be set to warn the user about potentially exceeding pre-determined usage in specific areas of the home.

The concept itself is extremely advanced and comprehensive and the interface appears to be designed to be accessible to folks with varied levels of technological competence. As best as we can tell, however, the Cerberus needs an uber-green home automation system to partner with. Here’s to hoping we see such a system soon because the Cerberus appears to have the potential to help change the way we consume energy.

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