EV Maker Fisker Unveils “Sexy” Charger Plans

American luxury hybrid manufacturer Fisker Automotive has partnered with EV Connect, a company we reported on last year, to supply and support charging station infrastructure for its upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle called the Karma.

The Karma, as we’ve noted previously, has limited all-electric range, just 50 miles on a lithium-ion battery system, but has an extended range of 250 miles, and a fuel economy of 100 miles per gallon. The green car, however, isn’t looking to compete with something like the Chevy Volt. Costing around $100,000, Fisker’s model will most likely be competition for BMW, Lexus, and maybe even Tesla Motors, although the electric vehicle automaker seems to currently have an edge in the market.

image via Fisker Automotive

Drivers willing to pay the premiere price for the Karma, famously driven by the Prince of Monaco, will get the benefit of a relatively hassle-free charging experience. EV Connect has plans to work directly with consumers to ship, install, service, and finalize necessary permits for owners who want to have a charging station at home.

Perhaps less helpful, but still a nice touch, EV Connect is in the process of installing charging units at forty-seven Fisker Automotive dealerships across the United States and Canada. Oh, and one last thing. Fisker wants people to know that the Karma is sexy. Really sexy. Not only is the word thrown around in their marketing material more than cilantro in a California taco, the images below should give you an idea of how far the company is willing to go to prove their sexy point.

image via Fisker Automotive

image via Fisker Automotive

We can only assume these photos are metaphors for the physical excitement one gets from having a streamlined electric car infrastructure process at the purchasing level.

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    kent beuchert

    As if the Volt weren’t expensive enough, we have this monstrosity.

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