Energy Map Shows Third World Energy Efforts

Santa Clara University’s  (SCU) Center for Science Technology and Society (CSTS) has teamed up with a social-enterprise information company called Ayllu to create an interesting new energy map website. The site provides information about areas around the globe that have little or no access to electricity and looks at the efforts that 40 social enterprises are making in some of those regions to develop off-grid power sources and other solutions to address resident needs.

A map at the site allows viewers to use filters in order to refine the data the map presents. One may filter by location, technology type, business model and type (for profit, non-profit etc) to expose details about social enterprises and the work they are doing in under-served areas all over the world.Some of the projects represented involve off-grid power and lighting, portable power products, clean cooking programs and creative solutions for powering engines and generators.

image via Santa Clara University

The map is just one element of the information that is provided at the site. Information about the types of energy resources and technology that are being used in these areas is available in some detail. CSTS points to a few examples including a company in India that’s turning discarded rice husks into affordable electricity for villagers and a Nigerian company that turns cow slaughterhouse waste into electricity.

The map’s creators feel the resource will be useful for students, government agencies, foundations and social entrepreneurs.

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