Eco Headphones Sustainable And Stylish

We do enjoy ourselves some  eco-friendly headphones. The notion is catching on with designers and manufacturers alike, providing a competitive selection of head-gear that looks stylish while taking it easy on the earth and, if we’re lucky, sounds fantastic as well.

This new design concept from Joseph Carney shows a lot of promise. His “Nixon_ecophones” are an on-ear (supra-aural) type with a distinct shape, plenty of sustainable bamboo and several other eco-conscious features built in.

image via Joseph Carney/Coroflot

Aside from the use of bamboo to form a baffle around the ear-cups, Carney chose to use recycled rubber for the cable sheath and headband, which is reinforced with a wire to give it some springiness.

Carney also refers to the use of “EcoHides Leather” which he says is the first such product to use a 100% environmentally conscious method of leather processing that doesn’t involve any toxic heavy metals.

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