Eco Friendly Earbuds Inspired By Marley

In August 2011, The House of Marley will officially “open its doors” and when it does, the world will get its first crack at owning audio equipment inspired and designed around the principles that famed reggae icon Bob Marley held dear. We first learned of the company-which was started by the Marley family about a year and a half ago-when it launched some of its new product lines at the CES 2011 show. The House of Marley makes an assortment of earbuds,  headphones and iPod/iPhone speaker docks that are said to offer high-quality sound whilst using sustainably-sourced materials and remaining waste-concious.

Today we’re checking out the Zion  earbuds which are part of the “Destiny” collection. The Zion are made with real wood (what type is not yet disclosed) that is FSC-certified. The wood is incorporated on the earbud itself, the yoke and the 1/8″ connector. The Zion come with three different silicon eartip sizes and the cord is sheathed in a cloth material that is said to mitigate tangling. The Zion also incorporate a 3-button control module that is reportedly compatible with iPhone and iPod. Based on what we’re seeing, we believe that control module will also include a microphone for hands free chit-chat when not listening to music.

Zion earbud

image via The House of Marley

As for sound, the Zion carry a rated frequency response of 20hz-20khz-indicating the the ‘buds will probably play pretty low. The House of Marley makes no bones about the fact that big, tight bass was design-point priority number 1, so these in-ears will no doubt put some bump in your step.

That said, the company goes out of its way to mention that its products are meant to be accurate as well.

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