Cool Electric Bikes For a Warming Planet

This Green Ways and Words column is sponsored by ELV Motors.  They offer Fleet Quality Electric Bicycles that are pollution-free, sustainable, affordable, and fun to ride and can equip you, your company, campus, city or rental fleet with quality alternative energy vehicles.

Want to know what’s cool this summer? There is a website called CoolSpotters® that features celebrities and the latest style, fashion, and products they use.  When Toyota first introduced the Prius, many celebrities embraced the Prius helping to create a buzz for Toyota. It looks like electric bicycles may be the next trend of cool electric vehicles being used by celebrities.

Modern electric bicycles are fun to ride, affordable, do not require a license, registration or insurance, and are possibly the most “green” alternative fueled vehicles on the planet.

Electric bikes are one of the few products that have a “high cool” factor no matter what age the rider is. Even the the new young music group “One Call” rides VeloMini® folding electric bikes between rehearsals.

The Jonas Brothers use VeloMini electric bikes to and get around venues where they are performing. VeloMini’s are small, stylish, come in a variety of colors and will go 12 mph without pedaling. Yet the VeloMini folds so small you can fit a couple in the trunk of a Prius or a bunch on a tour bus.

Photo Via Kevin Jonas Central

Jay Leno and Leonardo DiCaprio have embraced electric bikes too. They both ride the Ultra Motor® A2B Metro.  The A2B is perfectly at home on the trails of California as well as the streets of Manhattan. The A2B has front and rear suspension, a powerful 500 watt motor and the ability to cruise 20 miles an hour with a range up to 40 miles when the optional second battery is added.

Photo Via Electric Bike Report

Gone are the days that the only electric bicycles you can find are kit bikes assembled in a garage or in big box stores with lead-acid batteries attached to them. The new wave of electric bicycles are; robust, incorporate quality hub motors, sophisticated battery management systems, and the latest lithium-ion battery technology. Some electric bicycles like the Ultra Motor A2B Metro and the VeloMini hide the battery in the frame of the bike to give the bikes clean, sleek, stylish looks.

Tommy Bahama electric bike

image via Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama®, best known for defining island lifestyle living, has recently introduced two new electric cruiser bicycles. Mario Lopez recently featured these electric cruisers on Extra Entertainment. The new Tommy Bahama electric cruiser bicycle moves the rider along in style at speeds up to 20 miles an hour for distances up to 40 miles, depending on the size of the rider and terrain. It includes six speeds for optional pedaling, custom-padded handgrips and an adjustable contoured seat.  Tommy Bahama electric bicycles are available in Classic and step-thru models.

The next time you are in LA or New York look to see which style of electric bicycles the celebrities are riding. At speeds up to 20 miles an hour, never having to worry about finding a parking spot, and the ability to ride anywhere you can ride a bicycle, even the fastest paparazzi will have problems keeping up with celebrities.

With Father’s Day and graduations around the corner, electric bikes will make celebrities out of your Dad and grads. For information on special Dad’s and Grads discounts on these and other stylish and practical electric bicycles visit or call 800 257-1759.


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    Brilliant! u00a0

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