Ceramic Solar Lamp Adds Flair To Decor

A priceless Ming vase this is not, but this unique ceramic item from China may indeed prove valuable, if you happen to love off-grid decorative mood lighting.

This little solar lamp uses the usual combo of a tiny solar cell up on top and energy efficient LED lights inside to provide eight hours of illumination at night, casting its light through those oh-so-charming little flower cut-out patterns in either white light or a changing panoply of colors. Designbuzz reports that it’s ideal for home decor, pubs, restaurants or even a house party.

Chinese Ivory Ceramic Solar Light Jar with Flower Cut-Outs

image via Designbuzz

The only drawback we see here is that the product is designed exclusively for indoor use and requires six to eight hours of direct sunlight to completely recharge. Which means it would pretty much have to be placed beside a south facing window, in most climates, to provide more than a few hours of illumination per night.

Still, at $18.74, this might be a nice, durable purchase with a classy feel.

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