Atlantic City Offers Clean Energy Tour Option

Think a remote area in Washington is the only place you can see larger scale clean energy works projects up close and personal? Not so apparently if you happen to be gambling in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Those willing to put down the dice and take a little detour will find themselves able to apparently take a free tour of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority’s (ACUA) wind farm, solar project, and wastewater plant.

While the wastewater part is definitely something we can pass on, the wind farm and solar project parts definitely sound of interest to clean energy geeks like ourselves. ACUA notes its facility is reportedly the largest hybrid wind and solar powered treatment facility in the world, as well as the first commercial development of its kind in the state and the first coastal and urban wind farm in the nation.

image via ACUA

As far as actual clean energy generation goes, this hybrid facility isn’t exactly a monster power producer, but it really better serves a purpose of being an example of a small scale green energy location in close to a major urban area. The solar power portion produces at capacity 500 kilowatts, while the wind farm puts out enough energy to power at least 2,500 homes.

Tours are said to be offered every Monday and Friday at 12 noon, or by appointment, which either way should give you plenty of time afterwards to return to the craps table to continue your hopefully winning ways.

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