Wind Power Boom Seen By Construction Company

If after reading the American Wind Energy Association’s report on the outlook of wind power in the US any doubt remained about the future of wind energy in the county, this news from Mortenson Construction does a lot to suggest that wind power is doing well, despite tough economic conditions.

Mortenson has just announced its 100th wind energy project and points to the fact that it is working on 11 more projects which amounts to a planned generating capacity of about 1,363 megawatts. According to Mortenson, that amounts to enough electricity to power about 400,000 average homes.

Wind Turbines enXo

image via enXco

Mortenson’s 100th wind project, the Rolling Hills Wind Farm,  is located in southeast Iowa and is said to be one of the largest single-phase wind projects ever to be built in the U.S. Mortenson reports that when the wind farm is completed in December 2011, it will generate 443.9 megawatts of power using 193 Siemens 2.3-megawatt wind turbines. Mortenson says it feels the scale of the project is a good indicator of the “appetite for wind power in the U.S.”

Some of the other  wind energy projects Mortenson Construction’s renewable energy groups are working on include the 119.6 megawatt Laurel Wind Farm in Laurel, Iowa, the 1.8 megawatt Macho Springs Wind Project in  Deming, New Mexico, the 44 megawatt  Oak Glen Wind Farm in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, the 102 megawatt Coram Ridge Wind Project in Mojave, California, the 132 megawatt Dempsey Ridge Project in  Cheyenne, Oklahoma, the 205.5 megawatt Lakefield Wind Farm in Chandler, Minnesota the 150 megawatt Sherbino 2 Wind Farm in Fort Stockton, Texas and the 49 megawatt Mountain View IV Wind Energy Project in Palm Springs, California.

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