Weird Solar Lantern Also Grows A Plant

Remember the pet rock craze? Here’s an odd eco-innovation concept in a somewhat similar vein: the Eco-lantern (which comes to us via I Green Spot).

After dark, those trees looming around your campsite can be scary. They don’t need you. But take heart: the little plant in your eco-lantern does. By day, it sucks up sun, just like the little solar panel on the top of this lantern/planter. When night falls, the solar powered bulb inside the lantern lights up, further promoting growth for your little green friend, while lighting your way through the dark.


image via I Green Spot/Franklin Gaw

Once your plant has outgrown the Eco-lantern, it’s time to plant it in your garden – or perhaps even in the great outdoors, when it may one day grow up and join those big trees.

Fun? Certainly. Kitschy? Perhaps. We appreciate the effort from designer Franklin Gaw to reduce waste by integrating the functions of a lantern and a planter, but we wonder if this lantern – which is bound to get knocked around in the course of a camping trip – is the ideal environment for a delicate, growing plant.

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