The Clean Energy State With Most Mojo Is….

Portland, OR-based Clean Edge has released its U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index which provides analysis and ranking of how the nation’s 50 states compare across the clean-energy spectrum. The numbers released in this year’s report (the second such annual report) sheds some light on what the leaders in the U.S. are doing to support clean energy and what the bottom ranked states are trying to do change their poor positioning.

Clean Edge reports that its assessment and ranking is based on more than 70 different indicators in technology, policy, and capital. The report considers several key market indicators  including total electricity produced by clean-energy sources, hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, clean-energy venture and patent activity, and policy regulations and incentives.

Clean Edge State Ranking

image via Clean Edge

The results show that the top 10 states in the nation for clean-energy leadership  are California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Vermont. Filling out the bottom 10 slots are Oklahoma, Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, Louisiana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

Additional highlights from the report include the following:

  • California, Iowa and North Dakota now generate more than 10 percent of their utility-scale electricity from wind, solar, and/or geothermal.
  • California is way ahead of every other state in terms of technology deployment and capital creation. In fact, California’s clean-energy industry brings in more venture capital than all other states combined.
  • Idaho is the clean electricity leader in terms of the percentage of electricity that comes from renewable resources, including hydroelectric and biomass, at 84%. Washington, Oregon and South Dakota get honorable mention for generating 60% or more of their electricity from renewable sources.
  • Though at the bottom of the list for clean-energy leadership, Oklahoma was reported to have more new EVs registered last year than any other state. Unfortunately, the number is said to be misleading since two of the nation’s largest rental-car companies register their EV’s in Oklahoma.
  • GM helped Michigan earn notoriety as a top clean-energy patent state with a total of 192 patents earned in 2010. As we previously reported, GM received more clean-energy patents last year than any other company in the U.S., with 135 patents registered in 2010.

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