Lexus Hybrid To Be Royal Wedding Car

Lexus might not be able to claim its LS 600h L is fit for a king, but after July 2nd, the manufacturer will be able to say the hybrid vehicle is, without a doubt, fit for a prince. The luxury automaker recently announced Monaco’s Prince Albert II and Ms. Charlene Wittstock will use the car in their royal wedding on July 2nd of this year.

The tiny nation-city is home to some 30,000 people, making it one of the smallest countries, yet most densely populated, in the world. And in order to to show-off the new royal couple, the LS 600h L is being modified for maximum visibility, photos of which are not available at this time. Prince Albert II succeeded his father as head of state in 2005, and as of now is the last heir to the throne.

image via Lexus

A Toyota company, Lexus’s LS 600h L, seen above at the royal palace, is based on similar hybrid technology found in other models. And as we’ve noted in the past, the $100,000+ car’s motor system is comparable to the Prius, but loaded with extra features some consider unbefitting a vehicle claiming to be green.

Still, seven cars in all will be used to transport the royal party through the streets of the country, and Lexus claims for 85% of that trip the cars will be in all-electric mode, producing zero emissions and undoubtedly some high profile exposure for green cars.

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    well first of all this is gonna be a car for royal wedding,u00a0secondarilyu00a0it is a hybrid car, what can we say man has made a lot of progress!!

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