Home Energy Management Flies In On UFO

We all know that we’re supposed to fully power off our devices to save energy, rather than simply putting them in standby or sleep mode, but power consumption can be a tricky thing to visualize. A new energy management tool called the UFO Power Center is designed to help with that, and uses your iPhone oriPad to give you a precise measurement of how much power your gadgets are utilizing.

The UFO provides 4 standard power outlets that can be used with whatever you desire. The unit then connects to your home’s wifi network and syncs up with your iPhone or iPad running the free UFO Energy app. From your handheld device, you can monitor the power usage of each of the four outlets, allowing you to determine what is using the most power. You can also cut off power to an outlet at any time, and even set roles for each device, linking the power of one device to whether its “Master” device is powered up as well.

image via Tecca/Visible Energy

The power center even offers visual cues to let you know where your power consumption ranks, glowing a pleasant green when power usage is at a minimum, and beaming a bright red when you’re really sucking up the power. The UFO Power Center carries a $99 price tag, but with the power it can help you save, it could pay for itself in short order.

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Editor’s Note: This story is a cross post from our new friends over at Tecca. Author credit from Tecca goes to Mike Wehner. Curious about more? Read more from Tecca – Solar-powered plane carries pilot on first international flight

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